What’s a man weave?

A man weave is a cranial prothesis unit or simply a non-surgical hair replacement. These units are hair weave for black men who’ve lost their hair. So, it’s an easy way to get their lost hair back. Normally, people who lose their hair either by going bald, due to illnesses like cancer or thinning are tempted to have hair replacements.

Why a Man Weave?

Mostly, men want their hair back to boost their confidence. That’s the same way women feel after having a new hair bundle. After all, who wouldn’t feel good looking younger again? I guess no one.

In the past, it looked inappropriate for even women putting on weaves. However, with time this has changed. People have appreciated the hair industry and even the men are embracing wearing hair extensions. The fashion trends have as well turned more unisex and less gender-specific.

How is a Man Weave Installed?

Maybe you’re wondering, how is a man weave installed? How real does it look? Well, the installation process is pretty simple though a tedious one.

The stylist behind the barber’s chair begins by defining the customer’s hairline. They use a marker to draw a clear line, just beyond the hair. The hair is then combed, followed by cutting and shaving off of excess hair.

What next? The stylist moves on to style the actual hair on the head. It’s cut to the desired shape as it’s made ready for weave installation.

Then hair glue blond is applied on the bald area of the head. A brush will do fine, in glazing the bond and gluing over the scalp.

A hairdryer is used to dry the glue bond. This makes sure the glue and hair bond together fast. Next, the hair unit is carefully placed. It follows the defined hairline. Thorough styling and cutting follow, and the installation process is complete.

You’ve seen that male hair extensions are easily installed without necessarily having complex processes. On average, the process is estimated to take between 1.5 hours to 2 hours for completion. What’s needed is a professional barber to do all this fixing. In the end the results will be transforming.

mens hair replacement

Man Weave Care and Maintenance

Once the installation is successfully done, now it’s up to you to take care of it. Ensure to avoid too much water coming into contact with the weave. For showers, use a shower cap every time you need to have one. During nigh time put on a head covering.

Depending on the way you maintain the weave, it’s likely to last from a month to up to a year. Though, it’s fine to visit your barber from time to time to assist in the maintenance.

Men weaves can differ from one person to the other. During installation, the stylist considers the shape of the head, hair texture, hair color as well as the hairline to have a perfectly styled weave that fits. The cutting, trimming, and styling of the hair for superb blending are the only tedious tasks. In the end, you’ll have a natural look. Finally, man weave costs around $200 to $800.

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